The Temple of Jerusalem in Contemporary Israeli Society

Gastvortrag von Dr. Adolfo Roitman am 19.06.2024, 16:30



Gastvortrag von Dr. Adolfo Roitman (Israel Museum, Jerusalem)


19.06.2024, 16:30

Ort: Institut für Judaistik, Hörsaal 1


From ancient times onward, the Temple of Jerusalem served as a central focus of national identity.
Even a er its destruction in 70 CE by the Romans, a yearning for the destroyed Temple and a hope for its reconstruction in eschatological times continued to beat in the hearts of Jewish believers for centuries until modern times. From the 19th century onwards, belief in the “Third Temple” underwent a fundamental mutation. While in secular Zionist circles this belief, while still significant and relevant, was emptied of its sacred-religious nature, in religious-nationalist circles it went from being an eschatological hope to an immediate and concrete one.


Organized by Constanza Cordoni (IMAFO, Austrian Academy of Sciences / Dept. Jewish Studies and Research Centre Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society, University of Vienna)


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